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Our mission is advancing the blockchain technology to reach towards a decentralized and a sustainable financial world

Round 1: $0.02
Sold: 50000000 SPC
Remain: 0 SPC
Total: 50000000 SPC
Round 2: $0.04
Sold: 60000000 SPC
Remain: 0SPC
Total: 60000000 SPC
Round 3: $0.05
Sold: 22117500 SPC
Remain: 47882500SPC
Total: 70000000 SPC

About SPExchange

SPExchange is the world’ first FREE-FEE cryptocurrency exchange. We aims to support and nurture new potential Blockchain startups by providing FREE connectivity services between Blockchain technology startups and the Global Crypto Community through SPExchange platform with our absolute support

Comprehensive protection with security and law funds

Efficient trading and instant deposit/withdrawal

Stable and reliable since 2017

An special exchange that lives up to your expectations

Problems and solution

In 2009, the birth of Bitcoin opened a new era for decentralized finance. New cryptocurrency exchanges are constantly being launched, but they are still unable to promote blockchain technology projects for the following reasons:


Exchanges with high listing fees make it impossible for new blockchain projects (lacking capital) to access new capital from the global community

SP Exchange will free the entire listing service cost for new blockchain projects, potential blockchain start ups when approved by the council


Exchanges prioritize profitability rather than helping motivate, support potential blockchain projects, and develop emerging technology startups

SP Exchange always searchs and supports new blockchain projects, potential technology startups around the globe, helping to promote development through introducing them to the global cryptocurrency community in a fastest way


In addition to the blockchain authentication fee, organizations, funds and participants also pay other fees to the exchange

SP Exchange free of charge all transaction fees for organizations, funds and individuals participating in transactions on its platform. (excluded blockchain authentication fee)

SPExchange Specialties

Instead of focusing solely on profit, SP Exchange is here to shape your ideas, enhance and evolve by connecting the community with our free and premium services.


With our experiences & infrastructures, our advisors will give out instructions & necessary tools for developers to effectively operating their projects


SP Exchange connects new potential blockchain startup to the global cryptocurrency community & suitable partners in a more efficient way


SP Exchange provide free listing & service costs for new blockchain projects, potential blockchain startups when approved by the council

We want to create a transaction-friendly and service-free platform for high-quality blockchain projects and products, thereby promoting the blockchain industry to thrive in the future

Ecosystem SPCoin

The first free-free mechanism exchange,The first free-free mechanism exchange

The world’ first FREE-FEE cryptocurrency exchange that aism to nurture and support new potential Blockchain startups.

Blockchain based games for a more transparent and fair results. Blockchain based games will be the next trend.

Earn rewards by depositing and holding coins & tokens. Staking gives stakers more profits in return.

Descending Auction verified by Blockchain will be more transparent and safer for users to attend.

With DeFi, all individuals and organizations have a simpler access to financial services and with much better capital support.

SP Share and SPC are considered as a long-term benefit, where everyone will be a part of SPExchange to achieve mutual benefit.

Where people will be equipped with a good amount of knowledge to gain more from their assets with cryptocurrency.

What is SPCoin (SPC) ?

SPCoin is the official coin of SPExchange

SPCoin (SPC) is the token of the SPExchange, issued on the ERC-20 platform of Blockchain Ethereum. SPC is the core of the SPExchange ecosystem. We have carefully designed in-depth plans to increase usability while reducing circulating supply to increase demand for SPC in the future.

The total amount of SPShare (180,000,000SPC) distributed to the community in three rounds with prices and total supply respectively: $ 0.02 (50 million SPC), $ 0.04 (60 million SPC) and $ 0.05 (70 million SPC)


Round 1
50.000.000 SPC


Round 2
60.000.000 SPC


Round 3
70.000.000 SPC


Diverse ecosystem and applications help to consume (burn) SPC efficiently

Growing global community, increasing demand for SPC in services

Extract 20% of revenue from ecosystem activities each year to acquire and burn SPC

Anti-inflation when locked and return SPC from SPShare in 300 days increases value to SPC

Launched at the uptrend of the crypto and Bitcoin markets in general, Attracting new communities

Loyal members benefit from the rewards of SPExchange's diverse ecosystem

White paper

This white paper contains current or future visions and expectations. This material is intended to provide information to those who wish to use the SP Coin Platform service and may not be used as an investment proposal or as a protocol, warranty, etc. for the sale and purchase of the coin

White paper
Marketing plan

Road Map

December 24, 2019
New subscription to cryptocurrency trading globally
August 15, 2020
Launching PeachEx (trading option platform) Strategic Partnership
September 5, 2020
Private event SPexchange in Can Tho, Vietnam
September 12, 2020
Private event Spexchange in Kiev, Ukaine & Ha Noi, Vietnam
September 15, 2020
Issue SPCoin in the form of SP Share with 60% of total supply
September 26, 2020
Private event Spexchange in Berlin, Gemany & Saigon, Vietnam
September 27, 2020
Private event Spexchange in Switzerland
October, 2020
Private event SPexchange in Seoul, Korea
December, 2020
Try the beta version of Spexchange.
First quarter, 20211
Expected to launch Spexchange global officially
March 2021
Introducing Dutch Auction, blockchain authentic descending auctions
May 2021
Launch of DeFi


Business License

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Executive Team

Darius Kuzmich


Alexandre Depardieu


Jason Hwang


Emily Lynn


Adam Nguyen

CMO Southeast Asia

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